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Founder & Designer

Karen Padron started her line of necklaces as a therapy during the pandemic. Like most of the people she was battling stress and anxiety on her own way. After 15 years in advertising, she decided to give a turn to her life and become a yoga instructor, but her creative mind and love for fashion, unfolded new interests. She noticed that color psychology worked at subconscious levels, so she started creating a few pieces for herself and found a new pasion, handmade jewelry.


Care Guide

Our handcrafted jewelry is made of a variety of trendy materials, from freshwater pearls, natural shells, gold plated chains, to natural stones. In order to keep your pieces looking beautiful from day one, avoid perfume, lotions and creams near them. Remove jewelry before showering, entering the pool or the ocean.


Our Philosophy

"Feel Good Look Good" is our philosophy. From what we eat to what we wear, the impact on how we treat ourselves, is key to keep our mood, energy and self-esteem lifted. It's not only about pampering yourself, but feeling good on your own skin. Sometimes that little something is all we need to smile. Remember that beauty is a state of mind.

Note to Retailers

While designing for end users is of obvious importance, we also believe that the products also needed to appeal to brick-and-mortar retailers. Physical stores that carries our products are key to reach those end users. We are in the search of a boutique like yours to sell what's hard to find--and what's more stylish--than what you'd find at chain stores. We will give you exclusivity and we'll work hard to promote the products and lure people to the store.



For access to our sell sheet please contact me at or call me at 786-683-1243